Pamplona Tourist Data San Fermín


« This morning the annual report on Pamplona Tourist Data for 2013 was presented and it reported an increase of 8, 1% compared to the previous year for the number of people who spent at least one night in the city hotels. This report also contained some interesting additional facts about Sanfermin such as the fact that the visitors have, as top of their sightseeing list, the wish to visit places related to the Sanfermin fiestas, such as the City Hall square or the bullring.

Moreover, according to Mikel OLLO, Tourist Agent at, some 30% more of the balcony and package offers for accommodation have already been booked up for the coming fiestas compared to 2013.
Clients from Russia, China, Argentina, Japan and The USA make up the most representative sector of the international clients at At the moment, the communities of Catalonia, Madrid and Galicia are the most representatives regions from within the State.
Mikel Ollo also pointed out that he is detecting an increase in the demand from foreign travel agencies that specialize in Sanfermin, especially English, Australian and American ones.
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