Tapas itinerary and select gastronomy in Navarra


Wander the streets of Pamplona in search of the best tapas or “pinchos” that come with our recommendation

One can eat well almost anywhere in the world, so our recommendations are not aimed at being “the best in the whole wide world”. However, we would like to show you some of the things you can always appreciate at a good table; the ingredients, traditional style cooking and in good company.

We search out some of the most popular traditional cooking in Navarra, but in up-to-date places that are currently most appreciated by the local people.

Tapas itinerary and select gastronomy in Navarra
Pintxos & tapas itinerary around Pamplona
Nuevo Casino in Pamplona
Cider houses in Navarra
Portal de Descalzos Restaurant in Pamplona